Banning Kratom – Safe or Stupid The Truth About This Legal Drug

Kratom is a tall, tropical tree that is indigenous to Thailand and Southeast Asia. Kratom’s primary active chemicals are mitragynine, mitraphylline, and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which are contained within the leaves of the plant. These chemicals are similar to opiates, and can actually be used as opiate substitutes. Thanks to the internet, kratom has experienced a massive Read More

What Are Nootropics Or Smart Drugs?

Being able to tap into more of the brain’s power has long been a subject of interest, and that interest has been growing. Greatly enhanced cognitive function has even been a key to the plot of several Hollywood movies including “Limitless” with Bradley Cooper. However, being able to gain enhanced mental abilities are not merely Read More

Why Go Digital?

The wave of folks participating in digital art has increased greatly since the 1970s, when the art movement began. Digital art has worn a few nicknames over the years, including computer art (obvious!), multimedia art, and new media art. With the waves of the future leading us all toward new media (and newer media), digital Read More

Four Massive Paradigm Shifts We Are Undergoing

augmented-realityThe rate of technological advancement is increasing exponentially. With the proliferation of smart devices, the increasing resolution of the images/sounds we share, and the widespread adoption of the Web, the way we are living is irrevocably shifting through data, connectivity, and collaboration tools. Four of the most profound shifts are detailed below:

Augmented Reality

With technologies starting with the Nintendo 3DS, moving to upcoming devices such as Google Glass, Oculus Rift, and the mindblowing Microsoft Hololens, our sense of reality is going through a massive shift. The line between the “real” physical world, and the virtual worlds built from data viewed through our technology devices, is being blurred in what is known as augmented reality. From holographic images of our friends and colleagues generated in front of us, to data-driven pop-ups that can appear on our glasses wherever we turn, there is less of a divide between what is real, and what is information. We are stepping into a world that is a complete juxtaposition of data, images, and physical reality.


While the concerns for privacy are obvious, pervasive, and won’t go anywhere, we are entering an age where personal details, including preferences, opinions, feelings, and perspectives, are embedded within the lifestyle options and choices presented to us at every turn. Habit monitoring tools, augmented by health bands and smart watches such as Jawbone, BASIS, or the Apple Watch, will help us keep in line with our exercise, productivity, relationship, and meditation goals as well. This can lead to devices knowing what our daily routines are, our daily challenges, and what solutions/tools can help us navigate through a variety of life situations customized for precisely who we are. Read More

Education Tech: Are Online Schools A Good Way To Learn?

Online learning is a form of education which occurs by computer and over the internet. This fairly new method of learning has provided for a more individualized and flexible learning experience and is benefiting all types of education seekers. There are numerous online schools available including Kaplan University, the University of Phoenix, and Liberty University. Read More

The Most Amazing Emerging Unique Products of 2015

Technology is advancing at a more rapid pace than ever before. It can be really hard to keep up with all the new products that come out every year and in doing so you probably end up overlooking some that you’d be very interested in. Let’s go over some of the most amazing and inventive Read More