Four Massive Paradigm Shifts We Are Undergoing

augmented-realityThe rate of technological advancement is increasing exponentially. With the proliferation of smart devices, the increasing resolution of the images/sounds we share, and the widespread adoption of the Web, the way we are living is irrevocably shifting through data, connectivity, and collaboration tools. Four of the most profound shifts are detailed below:

Augmented Reality

With technologies starting with the Nintendo 3DS, moving to upcoming devices such as Google Glass, Oculus Rift, and the mindblowing Microsoft Hololens, our sense of reality is going through a massive shift. The line between the “real” physical world, and the virtual worlds built from data viewed through our technology devices, is being blurred in what is known as augmented reality. From holographic images of our friends and colleagues generated in front of us, to data-driven pop-ups that can appear on our glasses wherever we turn, there is less of a divide between what is real, and what is information. We are stepping into a world that is a complete juxtaposition of data, images, and physical reality.


While the concerns for privacy are obvious, pervasive, and won’t go anywhere, we are entering an age where personal details, including preferences, opinions, feelings, and perspectives, are embedded within the lifestyle options and choices presented to us at every turn. Habit monitoring tools, augmented by health bands and smart watches such as Jawbone, BASIS, or the Apple Watch, will help us keep in line with our exercise, productivity, relationship, and meditation goals as well. This can lead to devices knowing what our daily routines are, our daily challenges, and what solutions/tools can help us navigate through a variety of life situations customized for precisely who we are.

In addition, the way that businesses interact with customers will continue to mature in their depth. A greater understanding of the business by the consumer, and the consumer by the business, through the use of emerging social discovery tools, will allow even more synchronized alliances between different parties. The goals, objectives, and values of each party will be more transparent, and more available, through current and upcoming social media and social profile platforms starting of course with LinkedIn and Facebook, but eventually including upcoming players focusing on new forms of bringing entities together.

Internet Ubiquity to Every World Citizen

Right now, Internet access is widespread in many metropolitan and suburban environments throughout the planet. This access to the Web will continue to proliferate without stopping till practically every human being on the planet will have access to the same pool of human information and knowledge. This means a flattening of the world, and at least when it comes to informational resources, a pervasive equality. This undeniably allows the unique value and perspective of each human, whether living in the middle of a world metropolis such as New York City, or residing in a remote village in Central Africa, to have an equal opportunity to learn, and to share, their unique points-of-view.

Collaboration Increasing

We are shifting from an individual to a collaborative platform for understanding. This will allow us build off of the unique values and strengths of different human beings much more easily. Cutting-edge and upcoming collaboration tools like Slack, HipChat, and MammothHQ enable even more seamless and real-time communication. Online task management systems like GQueues, BaseCamp, and DropTask continue to build on their effectiveness in sharing tasks and information. This allows us to more easily work with each other, leveraging each other’s strengths and abilities, working together in an effective manner. We can easily share tasks, notes, information, ideas, knowledge, and increasingly even wisdom with each other in a way that will start to build a global mind.


With the number of advancements not just in technology, but in the information and intelligence that technological advancements bring, we are entering an era of human history never before seen. This will not only bring a blurring of the separation between the physical and information world, but a blurring of the division between each human being on the planet.