The Most Amazing Emerging Unique Products of 2015

Technology is advancing at a more rapid pace than ever before. It can be really hard to keep up with all the new products that come out every year and in doing so you probably end up overlooking some that you’d be very interested in. Let’s go over some of the most amazing and inventive emerging unique products of 2015.

windows10Windows 10

While there have been many jokes about Microsoft not being able to count it looks like Windows 10 will be the successor to Windows 8. Like the previous OS Vista, Windows 8 gave users a lot of unexpected problems and difficulties. Windows 10 not only promise to fix those issues it also has an incredible new feature called Continuum which allows it to function on all platforms such as mobile devices and Xbox.

applewatchApple Watch

Considering Apple’s previous naming strategies it is surprising that this isn’t called the “iWatch” but the Apple Watch still stands ready to revolutionize the world of watches the same way the iPhone revolutionized phones. We got a sneak peak at this new technology in September 2014 but the full reveal and release are scheduled for 2015.

oculus Oculus Rift

This is one piece of technology that has made a big name for itself before it was even released. Bought by Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, this virtual reality headset is still in development but will be released at last in 2015. While it will only be used for gaming at first it will eventually find use for social networking, interactive movies, and virtual concerts just to name a few uses of the product.

oneplusThe One

Masters of the art of supply and demand, Chinese company OnePlus released a phone recently called the “One.” In addition to having features equal to or surpassing popular models such as the Samsung Galaxy S5, this phone is notable for its incredibly successful marketing practice: you can only get one if you receive an invitation from the company. This has led to a very sharp rise in popularity and value of the phone.

bendablephoneSamsung Bendable Phone

While the details aren’t entirely clear just yet Samsung has announced that it is ready to proceed with mass production of a phone with a bendable display. While the purpose of this is unknown they do plan on shipping the first release versions at the end of 2015.


evshoesHeight Increasing Shoes (Elevator Shoes)

Used to help increase a persons height by 1 to 4 inches, elevator shoes are growing in popularity all around the world. From men to women, more and more people who struggle with their confidence level are turning to special footwear to combat their problem. And if you think that height increasing shoes must be ugly or easy to spot, think again. They are actually very fashionable.