What Are Nootropics Or Smart Drugs?

limitlessBeing able to tap into more of the brain’s power has long been a subject of interest, and that interest has been growing. Greatly enhanced cognitive function has even been a key to the plot of several Hollywood movies including “Limitless” with Bradley Cooper. However, being able to gain enhanced mental abilities are not merely something of the realm of fiction. It is possible for people to enhance their cognitive abilities, and that possibility exists in the form of what are known as nootropics.

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in nootropics, which are sometimes called “smart drugs,” “neuro enhancers” or “memory enhancers” due to their ability to boost cognition. With their rise in popularity, there are two questions that many people are asking about these potentially cognitive enhancing substances. Those questions are: What are nootropics? Also, what are the benefits of taking them?

In short, nootropics are substances meant to provide enhanced brain function. The category includes drugs such as the first one, Piracetam, which was created in Belgium in 1964 and is now used both for boosting cognitive function in healthy adults as well as helping those with neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s. It also includes drugs such as Aniracetam, Noopept and Pramiracetam amongst others. The category of nootropics also includes supplements, functional foods and nutraceuticals.

The benefits of taking nootropics have become increasingly recognized. In addition to anecdotal evidence from the many people who have taken them, there has also been positive backing by medical reviews of several of the supplements. While the idea of nootropics is depicted in fiction as making people essentially superhuman, the reality is that they simply help with clearer and sharper brain function and have provided good results for many people. They are helpful to those who are seeking an edge, whether it be within the realm of academics, business or even hunting.

What started out as primarily the domain of the wealthy has now gained much wider application and availability. Nootropics are seeing increasing in popularity across the spectrum amongst those who are looking for improvement in cognitive functioning and other areas such as fatigue reduction.

Being able to bolster cognitive function and possibly boost productivity and creativity is very appealing. Having enhanced abilities is useful and attractive, and this has helped to drive the popularity of nootropics. Being able to have these things by taking what has proven to be not only effective but also fairly safe has become a popular option. For those wanting greater cognitive function, it is an option that may be worth considering.